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Science Camp at Daintree Rainforest Observatory

A few days ago I was in the Australian rainforest for 4 days. We had the opportunity to stay in a working research station of James Cook University and learn a lot there. In the research station live scientists, technicians and a cook. The station has, among other things, its own water and electricity supply and a large crane with which it is possible for scientists to do research at a height of 50 meters. On the way there we drove to different viewpoints and made a small hike to Mossman Gorge. This gave us a first impression of the fauna and flora. After our arrival, we got a safety briefing, because there, in the free nature, you can meet poisonous and other dangerous animals. The evening ended with a campfire. The next day we programmed heart rate monitors, got information about the orientation and aerodynamics of bats and then set up bat traps. In the evening we could admire three different bats. After a wonderful breakfast in the morning, we left for Jungle Surfing. This means that you slide through the rainforest on a rope slide. After we were back we got a lecture about fireflies and soldered LEDs and other components with an Arduino on a board and programmed the Arduino so that the LEDs blink like fireflies. In the evening we put our components into bottles and shot them with a gas cannon into the night sky. Actually, it was planned for the next morning to use the crane, but the wind was unfortunately too strong. Instead, we fished insects out of a pond, looked at them under a microscope and did another small hike. We were lucky to see a Cassowary. After lunch, we drove home. During the whole camp, I was able to get in contact with Australian students. We played many board and card games and enjoyed the sunrise. Overall the camp was a great experience and I could see another important part of Australia.


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