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PADI Open Water Diver

A dream comes true! After the registration for the Open Water Diver diving course happened a long time ago, the diving course finally started. I wanted to learn to dive since many years, started an attempt one year ago in Croatia, but had health problems and therefore could not get a diving license. When I chose my school in Australia, I was looking for an area where I can go diving. And here I am! In Cairns I have the Great Barrier Reef more or less right on my doorstep and so I have good opportunities to learn to dive there. The diving course was offered by Divers Den in Cairns. On the first day of the course we only learned theory. This consisted of watching some long information videos on TV and doing short tests. Even though all of us, a group of four students, were so excited, we could only go diving on the second day. After a short night full of excitement we went diving in the pool at the dive shop. It is 3.6 meters deep. We learned the handling of the equipment and then learned how to communicate underwater, how to blow out the mask, how to deal with emergency situations and much more. Two weeks later the highlight was up. Two days diving at the Great Barrier Reef! We went with the boat seaQuest from the harbour of Cairns to the reef and did two dives to a depth of about 10 meters on the first day. We repeated exercises we already did in the pool and swam around a lot to explore the reef. The next day we did three dives. During the last dive I could also take a camera with me. I summarized the recordings in a YouTube video. Now I am a certified diver and can dive to a depth of 18 meters. I would like to continue diving and learn more, for example by doing the Advanced Open Water Diver course.

My YouTube video about the diving course

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