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Great Barrier Reef Excursion

On Wednesday this week, I drove with my school on the Reef Magic 2 out to the outer Great Barrier Reef. On the way there we got our snorkeling equipment and when we arrived at the reef we went snorkeling. It was very windy and lots of waves, but that didn’t hinder us at all. It was sad to see what for a large part of the reef is just gray rock. After lunch on the ship, we went to another reef and could go snorkeling alone and longer than at the first reef. Especially impressive were the animals at the second reef, because we saw a sea turtle. We could swim with her for some time and even dive up to one meter to it. I took wonderful pictures underwater with my actioncam. On the way back we were very lucky and could even see some whales. I cut all the videos together in one YouTube video. The video got great feedback and can also be found on the Facebook page of the school.


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