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Orientation days in Sydney

After arriving in Australia we spent a few days in Sydney. On the day of arrival, we just went to sleep. The next morning we had to get up early and have breakfast, as we went first to a wildlife park

and then to the Blue Mountains.

In the wildlife park, there were many Australian animals, such as kangaroos

and koalas.

You could feed the kangaroos, stroke them and take pictures with them. Most koalas, on the other hand, slept.

In the Blue Mountains, we drove to several great vantage points. On that day it was very sunny but also winding, so it was very cold. The view in the mountains was fantastic.

Especially cool were the Three Sisters, three rocks standing next to each other.

After looking at them we drove to a waterfall, took pictures from a distance

and then walked to the place where the waterfall starts.

In the evening we had pizza and were allowed to try many different pizzas and eat as much as we wanted. Afterwards, we were still in the city on the way and had fun with looking at the Chinatown at night and talking to each other. By the way, we also set up our new ALDImobile SIM cards. The next morning we could sleep longer. Although the journey was exhausting, we decided to go jogging in Sydney with a small group in the morning.

After breakfast, we went to the sights in Sydney. Of course, this includes the impressive opera house.

Then we took the bus to Bondi Beach, a beautiful and famous beach in Sydney.

In the evening we went out for dinner again. This time we could choose burgers in a restaurant. Also in this evening we were again in the city and enjoyed our last evening.

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