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Flying to the wide world

With the successful packing of the suitcase, nothing stood in the way of the flight. On July 09th we met at 12 o’clock at the airport in Frankfurt and said goodbye to our parents. After passing the security check we, a group of 23 students, arrived at the gate and the excitement increased. The first flight brought us to Dubai and lasted about 6 hours. We flew with a Boeing 777-300. The flight was quite exhausting from my point of view, because there was not much legroom. After a short stay at night in Dubai and another security checkpoint we boarded the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the Airbus A380. This took us to Sydney in 14 hours. There we also arrived in the middle of the night. The flight was not as exhausting as expected, so that the joy about the arrival was all the greater. As expected by Emirates, on the flight we were provided with great food and everything else. After the entry control and the collection of our suitcases we drove then with a small bus to our hotel.

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