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Arriving at my host family

After the Orientation Days in Sydney the actual part of my stay abroad began. The flight to Cairns was waiting for me and I completed it with a girl who was going to another school in Cairns. After an early breakfast in the hotel at the airport, our group split up into the terminals, whereby I quickly got the news that the flight of some girls had been cancelled and therefore they could only reach their destination tomorrow with a long detour. Almost all flights at the airport were delayed, including my flight. This was due to the fact that the wind at the airport was too strong and therefore only one runway could be used. After a long wait at the gate we were let into the plane, but instead of taking off as expected we had to wait another 1 1/2 hours in the plane, so that we could only take off at 14:00 o’clock instead of 10:55 o’clock. After an exhausting 3 hours flight I landed in Cairns. I was greeted by my host family and quickly fetched my suitcase from the assembly line. Then I went with my host mother and my host brother to the car where my host father was waiting. After that we drove home where I first got to see the house, then unpacked my suitcase and went to sleep after dinner. The next morning I could sleep in after the exhausting day. We had breakfast and drove to two beautiful beaches, through the city and to the sailing club. In the evening I went to sleep early because I had my first day at school the next day.

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