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The first weeks at school

Of course, I was very excited on my first day of school. On the first two days I was taken to school by my host mother, then I took the bus to school. All the new Internationals met at the school. Then we were introduced to some of the staff of the school, received information and a welcome pack, took photos for our ID cards and of course bought our school uniforms. All students have blue shorts and have to wear white socks and black leather shoes. Up to and including the tenth grade the students have to wear a blue shirt with the school logo, from the eleventh grade it is a white shirt. During the next days we had lessons, but sometimes we also had a different program. For example, we did a swim test on Wednesday so that we could participate at the Reef excursion and on Thursday we set up our laptops. The school has a super digital infrastructure and IT support. Students use their laptops in almost every class. So far I have only written on paper in mathematics lessons. Friday we had no lessons, because there was a show in the city. I was deterred by the entrance and decided to go to the cinema. The next week my whole grade had work experience, so most of the time I didn’t do anything in class. Wednesday I had a fantastic Great Barrier Reef excursion, but more about that in the blog post. Friday I was lucky to be allowed to participate in an excursion. We learned a lot about the aborigines, could throw boomerangs and spears and even paint a boomerang. In the coming week I hope to be able to make contacts with Australian students.

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